Waiting for Spring Double Giveaway–Winners Announced!

Waiting for Spring Giveaway


If you’re just about tired of mucking about in the snow and chill, have hope––Spring is less than a month away! And what better way to celebrate than with a giveaway?

There’s been so much excitement over the new Couleur Nature linen collections, we decided it just might make someone’s day to win a piece. But why make one person’s day when you can make two? (What does it even mean to make a day, anyhow?)

The Rules

There’s just one easy step to enter:

Leave a comment at the bottom telling us what you’re looking forward to most when Spring comes!

Two winners will be randomly chosen and announced on March 7, 2014. Two weeks is more than enough time to leave a simple comment, don’t you think?

But, wait! We haven’t even told you what we’re giving away!

The Prizes

Couleur Nature Petit Fleur Green Tea Towel Couleur Nature Bougainvillea Yellow-Blue Tea Towel
Couleur Nature Bougainvillea Red-Green Tea Towel Couleur Nature Bougainvillea Red-Grey Tea Towel

Each winner will receive a set of 3 tea towels from one of our new collections, Petit Fleur and Bougainvillea. It’s entirely up to the winners to choose which color they want.


So while you’re waiting for Spring to come again, pass the time by commenting below. Good luck to everyone!


**UPDATED 3/7/2014**


Thanks to everyone who entered, it was a delight to read your comments (honestly, sometimes we think we should host a poetry contest; many of you are so eloquent!).

Our two lucky winners are Merna Wagshal and Betty Beyko! Merna and Betty, we’ll contact you soon, and we hope everyone will join us for the next giveaway!


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  1. Looking forward to warm weather, being outside, green grass and flowers budding.

  2. dana Somsel says:

    Beautiful towels! This spring my Mom is moving in with us!

  3. Nancy Muzyka says:

    Flowers….that’s spring! In my house, in my garden, in my kitchen:)

  4. Mary Dotson says:

    I am most looking forward to dinners on our terrace using one of our beautiful tablecloths purchased from Couler Nature, and listening to the sounds of spring.

  5. Sharon jonquil says:

    When spring is here, our Pacific Northwest yard is at its loveliest, with the scent of daphne floating in the air, and yo the daffodils and tulips bouncing in the breeze. It never fails to bring a smile and lift my spirits!

  6. Joan C. Harmon says:

    Planted 1200 bulbs in the fall and am hoping to wake up one morning to a gorgeous riot of spring color! Can’t wait.

  7. Kathy Mahan says:

    I am ready for sun and lilacs and crocuses and soft breezes that caress my face…..

  8. The first day of spring is March 20th and on the 21st I will find out where in the country I get to be a surgeon! I’m a medical student and March 21st is our national Match Day. Yay! Finally after years of hard work!

  9. Adrienne Wetzel says:

    I am looking forward to Spring’s freshness, new beginnings and hope.

  10. Daffodils, tulips,crocus and warmth.


    I miss the vibrant colors of spring! The patio parties, the glass pitchers full of blooms and the table settings that warm the heart! My arms are open to springtime and the lovely wakeup of our senses!

  12. Stefanie Gilbert says:

    I’m looking forward to outdoor barbeques and picnics! I can’t wait to garden again and to see all of the beautiful flowers I planted last year in full bloom!

  13. I’m most looking forward to hearing the birds singing in the morning

  14. Carol Del Testa says:

    I now have 5 tablecloths from your collections and only wish I could afford more! I am hoping to order more in the near future and look forward to seeing your new collections all the time. Keep up the good work and thank you. Carol Del Testa

  15. The wild flowers. Oh the wild flowers!! In the Bay Area we get so many different kinds and they’re all amazing.

  16. I never used to put tablecloths on my breakfast room table, and then I went to San Diego and my niece and my sister used them everyday. I fell in love with them, and have been using them everyday. I must have 10 or 12 tablecloths. Some for the big dining room table and most for the breakfast room table. My niece and I started giving one to each other for every Christmas for the last 3 or 4 years. Sometimes we even do it for our birthday. This year we gave each other the Christmas tablecloth and we love it. She even took hers to Chicago for the Holidays and they used it Christmas day. We are both big fans.

  17. I am looking forward to tulips and daffodils!

  18. To me spring is here when the rain lets up just a bit here in the northwest

  19. Kerry Kresse says:

    I love winter but am still looking forward to spring. I especially love when the trees bud out and then burst into leaves — all those shades of green.

  20. I’m looking forward to flowers blooming.

  21. Ann Griffith says:

    I’m looking forward to warmer weather, birds singing and nesting and flowers coming to life again. All of these events renew my conviction that life goes on.

  22. We are looking forward to spent a lot of time with our kids outside and a lot of bbq’s with friends and family:)))

  23. I can’t wait for spring light, color and a soothing breeze!

  24. I am looking forward to Spring for so many reasons. Warm sun. Colorful flowers. Travel and all the treasures found there! Speaking of that, my first Couleur Nature purchase happened last Spring when I traveled to Italy. After an amazing Italian dinner in Sienna, my husband and I happened into a gift shop that had beautiful, colorful tea towels. I bought one for myself, each of my daughters, and my mother as gifts. I loved my one tea towel so much that for Christmas my husband ordered about $400 of linens for me from your site as my main gift! I got a Winter line of tea towels, and I can’t wait to order new spring tea towels from your site as well. Of course, it would help to win three instead! But even winning won’t stop my future orders, only make me hungry for more. Thanks. Beth Conroy

  25. I’m looking forward to seeing my neighbors and watching their children playing out in our cul de sac.
    I’m looking forward to the fresh colors of spring and the songs of the birds as they begin to build their nest.

  26. I’m soooooooooooooooooo looking forward to Spring because then all the snow will be gone, and I can then pull out all my Couleur Nature table clothes and have a WELCOME Spring party!!!! YAAAY

  27. Andrea Kriech says:

    Flowers blooming and birds chirping….no more snow…Lots of food for the deer and birdies….Oh spring we can’t wait!

  28. Betty Beyko says:

    Spring cannot come quickly enough for me – it’s the time when I can put on a thick sweater and windbreaker jacket and go walking on the many city pathways. The vitamin D from the sunshine will absorb into my face as I keep my chin up to the warm air. Ahhh…

  29. Nancy Ehrlich says:

    I’m looking forward to open windows and a house full of the sounds and smell of spring!

  30. Beverly Jacobs says:

    I am looking forward to seeing the trees bloom, the grass turning green and let’s not forget about the bulbs we planted so long ago!

  31. Karen Whitter says:

    Here in hilly northwestern Connecticut, where forests and wetlands abound, Spring ushers in the trill of spring peeper frogs from dusk till morning. Their steady, synchronized chorus heartens me; a singular testimony of survival and rebirth.

  32. I am looking forward to planting my vegetable garden and seeing the spring flowers and the first taste of asparagus. Would love a set of those beautiful towels.

  33. I am looking forward to getting outside with my kids more, and planting our garden!

  34. I can’t wait to hop on my bike and go on some spring blossom peeping rides in the nearby towns. And I can’t wait to watch the transition from the first delicate unfurling of leaves to full green riot in the woods. I will also welcome the return of the fireflies in the evenings and being able to sit out on the porch at night.

  35. I’m looking forward to taking walks around our neighborhood again!

  36. I’m looking forward to wearing dresses again!

  37. This spring I am looking forward to driving home on Pebble Hill Plantation (www.pebblehill.com) in Thomasville, GA to a beautiful row of blooming dogwood trees, several Japanese magnolia trees, tons of blooming azaleas, and the kitchen garden planted with beautiful spring plantings. The beautiful Main House, grounds, outbuildings, and tranquil environment can be enjoyed by the public six days a week, but to me it is home 24/7. Welcome spring.

  38. Chris Madeo says:

    The miracles of this planet, one of which being the seasons perpetually cycling. No matter what happens in winter, the spring comes and that little bud lifts up its head out of the cold ground to greet us, bringing food, color, scent, warmth and beauty.

  39. Rebecca Bach says:

    Looking forward to getting in my garden and planting flowers and seeing the hummingbirds buzzing around.

  40. Linda Frommeyer says:

    Spring represents to me this year a new, fresh hope and optimism! It’s the gift after a long, cold winter that was personally the most challenging of my 48 years of life. It’s a rebirth and reminder after the darkness, light and growth is the reward that keeps me moving towards the growth with the blooms and colors of spring.
    Linda Frommeyer in Alexandria VA

  41. Sharon Jonquil says:

    I will be spending 2 weeks at an plein air painting workshop in New Mexico this spring, watching for signs of new life in the desert! I live in the pacific northwest-that will be different!

  42. Looking forward to getting into the garden!

  43. I love the new beautiful dishes, linens and fabulous things I can buy for my wife from Couleur Nature.

  44. Spring will mean long hours puttering in the garden, with a return to dining al fresco. Looking forward to those leisurely lunches and dinners in the garden.

  45. Looking forward to warm evenings out on the porch, that wonderful sweet spring smell in the air, birds singing, something wonderful on the grill served on a table covered with one of my gorgeous Couleur Nature tablecloths!

  46. Kathleen Rosier says:

    Looking at the linens remind me of spring.

  47. Karen Berk says:

    I’m looking forward to breakfast on the patio!

  48. Patricia LaClaire says:

    Bulbs are starting to bloom, and I’m ready for new tea towels!!

  49. Audrey Hrynkiw says:

    I have been living in a so-called Arctic Vortex for the past 3 months. Days of frigid weather, and wicked winds. One saving grace is the blue prairie sky. Oh spring you cannot come too soon! The trees, fresh new grass and birds singing is what I look forward to.

  50. Nothing is as wonderful as the tender fresh greenery and buds springing from the dark wood and earth. I love to see it every springtime!

  51. Julie Huber says:

    Once a Upon a Midsummer’s Day in the land called Provence the Heavens were made of Lavender- Julie Huber of Maison and Braeland Studios. I dream of the smell of lavender in the wind, sunwashed days, when I look at all the beautiful products from Couleur Nature. C’est Bon!

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