Uses and Occasions for Table Linens

Couleur Nature French Table Linens

Today we’re sharing a few of the many different ways you can use our table linens, from everyday dining to special occasions and picnic trips.

First, you can use these table linens exactly as their name suggests: as dining tablecloths. They are sure to add a little French spice to your dining experience. Collect several of our French linens and you can rest easy knowing that you’re prepared for any dining situation, whether it’s:

1. Your favorite table linen for everyday dining,


Couleur Nature Cherry French Tablecloth


2. A festive tablecloth for the holidays,


Couleur Nature Noel French Tablecloth


3. Or a fancy tablecloth to impress your friends and neighbors. The perfect linen can make any dining occasion a better one.


Couleur Nature Bleuet French Tablecloth


Of course, you don’t necessarily have to use our linens only for dining. They can serve as excellent display pieces as well. All the better if you can’t decide which linen to use for the family dining table; there are plenty of other places to display them all:

1. The coffee table

Couleur Nature Dahlia French Linen Collection


2. Stacked atop dresser drawers

Couleur Nature Khadhi Hand Woven Linens


3. Out on the patio or in the garden


Couleur Nature Tulips French Linen Collection


You can also reserve a beautiful table linen just for picnics. Bring along some food, whether it be barbecue, sandwiches, or your favorite French cuisine, gather your desired table linen, and head off to your favorite outdoor location. Spread our beautiful linen out in a nice, serene location, and enjoy some delicious food while you admire the grandeur of the outdoors.


Couleur Nature Springfield French Linens


All the collections are so versatile and would work for any number of occasions. Share your ideas on which linens would work best in which situations!

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