The Marvelous Mother’s Day Giveaway

The Marvelous Mother's Day Giveaway: April 18-24


Hello everyone! Couleur Nature is back again with another giveaway, this time celebrating the lovely mothers in our lives.

As a tribute to all the love, care, and advice mothers have given, we’re giving away a pair of Petit Fleur tablecloths, one for you and the lovely mother you’ll be telling us about!



Petit Fleur Tablecloth

Dotted with delicate flowers and tiny berries, Petit Fleur captures the innocent charm of a fairy garden. Set upon an airy backdrop of pastel blue or Easter pink, this collection is ideal for brightening a breakfast nook, an outdoor fête, or a spring picnic–or as a Mother’s Day gift!

To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment on this post telling us about a marvelous mother who deserves to win. Remember, Mother’s Day celebrates all mothers, not just our own mothers. Whether she’s your own mother, the mother of your grandchildren, the mother who always volunteers at your children’s school, or a kind foster mother next door, she makes the world go round for someone.


Mothers are mothers, and they’re all marvelous and deserve a fair chance at winning. As usual, Couleur Nature will be picking the winner of the giveaway randomly.  The winner will be notified by email first, then we’ll announce them on Facebook and the blog.

Oh, and by the way, everyone who enters the giveaway might get a little something once this contest is over. Leave a comment and don’t be shy!


We look forward to hearing all the lovely stories everyone has about the marvelous mother in their life. You only have a week to enter before the giveaway ends, so tell us about your marvelous mother in the comments below!

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  1. Sharon jonquil says:

    My aunt Judith is like a mother to me. She is the one I think of when I need to talk and share and look for the best advice. Her wisdom, as she approaches 80, comes from a deeply maternal place, and I hope to be like her as I age.

  2. My mom. Always compassionate, always understanding, always there, always concerned, always learning, always teaching, always supportive, always trying to steal my clothes, always loving, always travelling, always eager, always helpful, always caring, always active, always encouraging and always my mom.

  3. Jan Fincher says:

    Kind, understanding, generous and always willing to help. She is always there when you need her. As a mother of six, she hasn’t always time for herself nor the luxuries she deserves. She loves pretty things and would find joy in serving family dinner with the Petit Fleur linens.

  4. Vanessa Peterson says:

    One mother I can say truly deserves a tablecloth treat is my gal pal, Robin. She’s such a creative, fun-loving mom, and is always taking time to enrich her family’s life. Plus, she pointed me to your blog! Thanks for the awesome giveaway! Hope I’m the one picked :)

  5. Jody Williams says:

    I have many wonderful things I could share about my Mom. One memory from when I was a child, was always sitting in the kitchen across the counter from her, on a tall stool, while she prepared meals and baked.My brother and I always got to have tastes of whatever she was making that day. As we got older we helped make salads, peel veggies and set the table.Today my brother and I are both great cooks because of it! I now have my own daughter, she is 3, and she is a great help in the kitchen, measuring, pouring, setting and clearing the table.Thanks Mom. Happy Mother’s Day Grandma!

  6. My story is about my grandchildren’s mother. You know, all my life, I have heard the tale that things come in “threes”. Well, this mother has had it with the “threes”. She has endured two collisions in several months and yesterday her tire and wheel fell off her car for no reason! After many tears and prayers of thanksgiving for no one being hurt, I think she needs something positive and beautiful in her life so I thought I would nominate her for the prize! She loves pretty things and this would certainly brighten up her day and well as her home.

  7. Alissa R. Swartz says:

    My mother and I have always been fans of beautiful table linens….hands down yours are by far the best! The colors and designs are just gorgeous!

  8. Barbara Kulp says:

    My next door neighbor(Sarah) to me when I had a young family became like a Mother and best friend to me and my Family. She was truthful, loving, fair and so much more. We are still friends after almost 40 years later.
    She has helped me through some rough times and has never failed to comfort and be supportive and truthful with her thoughts. We live quite a distance away now . We talk on the phone and write to each other. I really miss our cup of tea together. Sarah is 85 years old now and I am 66. I would love for her to have one of your beautiful tablecloths.Thank you for the chance.

    Kindest regards,
    Barbara Kulp

  9. My mother inspires me. I live in British Columbia and mom lives in Manitoba. As always, I have my airline ticket booked to share Mother’s Day with mom on May 12th in Winnipeg. This past Monday dad experienced a grand mal seizure and stroke and was unconscious for about 30 hours. During this life-threatening and deeply emotional time, mom was present with dad with all of our family’s anticipatory grief. To witness Mom’s love, dedication and compassion through this uncertain time is truly a testament to mom and dad’s 60-year marriage and mom’s strength and courage in the face of adversity and potential loss. I am hopeful that I will visit with both mom and day when I arrive in Winnipeg for my Mother’s Day visit on May 12th. As my son said, “The gift is in the story”. What a special gift this would be for me to share the story of your beautiful table linens with mom and dad at the dining room table. Warmly, Barbara

  10. My mother is so strong and resilient, and she has the best advice. She’s been through 2 divorces, and then the death of one husband who died on the side of the freeway after they pulled over, from a complication of Diabetes and heart disease. Currently she is taking care of her recent husband who has Dementia, Diabetes & Heart Disease, and being the sole financial supporter even though she also has to watch him 24 hours a day. She may very well live beyond this husband as well. Each time, she picks herself back up amazingly and manages her life. I don’t know how she has the strength! And then, she continues to be so giving to her children, often giving her last dime to help us even though she is in financial dire straights. I love this woman and she deserves every goodness in the world. I only wish I could give it to her! I love you Mom and I only wish I could make life better for you so that you didn’t have to struggle and suffer so much. You deserve so much more than life has been giving you.

  11. Cindy kois says:

    My mother has always been there through thick and thin with me. She watched me grow from a child into a women with children of my own. She was always there to share her wisdom and sewing skills no matter what the task was. I watched as she cared for her mother until my grandmothers time ran out. I now watch over my mother as her illness takes over her life. She has given me the strengh to watch over my family as she has watched over me.

  12. Stephanie A says:

    My mom has always been a great support to me and my brother and sister. Any activities that we wanted to get into she was right there driving us to them and giving us encouragement. With the time and care she has given me she has set an example for what I want to be with my own children and family.

  13. My mom for sure! She has always been supportive of me and pushes me to achieve better things. We talk on the phone every day, and I cannot imagine a better mother!

  14. My neighbor down the street, J., is such a wonderful mother. She’s so aware of her children’s different needs and how to help them grow as individuals. When I have children I want to be the kind of mother she is.

  15. Christina C says:

    This would be perfect for my future mother in law. She’s trying to make her house more a home and I want to help her add color to it!

  16. I am in awe of my daughter. She’s taken the simple things I taught her and developed them into wonders beyond anything I could have ever imagined. She does still listen to me, sometimes. But more and more I’m the one learning from her.

  17. There are no words to describe how beautiful my mom is. She is the most selfless, thoughtful, loving, and strongest woman I have ever known. I strive to be like her. I’ve always thought that if I am half as good of a mother as her, I too will be amazing. My hope for my children, one day when they are grown, they will think of me the way I think of my mom. Her sacrifices throughout my life are endless and know no bounds. She is everything I hope to be for my children.

  18. My mom is the best listener ever. She also adores my kids, which warms my heart.

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