The Grateful Giveaway: Winner and Favorites

The Grateful Giveaway: Winner and Favorites


Welcome back, everyone! Are you all excited for Thanksgiving? We’re excited to announce the winner of our last giveaway, who’ll be receiving  the beautiful Fleur des Indes tablecloth we featured in  the post. But first, we’d like to share some of our favorite entries.

We’re grateful to have such wonderful supporters, who are willing to take the time and share their heartfelt thanks with us. We so enjoyed reading everyone’s comments and they were all beautiful reminders of how much there is to be thankful for and to love in life. It was extremely difficult to pare down the list of who we could feature, but we hope you enjoy these few as much as we did.


There were a couple of adorable and simple thanks:


Thanks Steve for blowing the leaves off my roof and helping me put up my greenhouse covers. You are a good son.
–– Virginia V., Facebook


Thank you to Gus the Cat who came home last night after being missing for a day in coyote/owl/bobcat country. So glad you are back!
––Lynn D., Blog


Thanks, Greg, for being my best friend for 35 years.
––Kathy H., Facebook


I am thankful for my boys who have taught me to find joy in every day – to take the time to smell the rain, hear the birds, marvel at a snowflake…I am so, so lucky and so very grateful:)
––Nancy M., Facebook


A lot of family love:


Thankful for my sister, Aubrie Glanville.
––Vanessa P., Facebook

I’m thankful for MY sister, Vanessa!
––Aubrie G., Facebook


Thanks to my dad who taught me that Thanksgiving is the best holiday of all. I still cook with you in my heart every year.
––Lynn D., Facebook


I thank my daughter for showing me a gentler way of looking at the world.
––Rust, Blog


And an especially heartwarming comment from Robin L. on Facebook:


I am incredibly thankful for my mother in law. We may not always agree (we don’t) but she is a warm, loving and incredibly supportive woman. She would happily go to the end of the Earth for her family and expect nothing in return. She is a selfless giver and she gives willingly and happily and doesn’t begrudge the giving. I can always rely on her for support, honest feedback and a sympathetic ear. She is a wonderful woman, mother, grandmother and mother in law and I’m not sure she hears that enough.


That last line really struck a chord with us. Sometimes we’re so accustomed to waiting for certain days of the year to express our gratitude to loved ones, when they truly deserve to hear it every day.


And while every giveaway winner is chosen randomly, our lucky winner Jeanne just so happened to have a beautiful lesson in her comment.


I thank my friend Mary, who will be having her 70th birthday soon, for commenting one day that the best way to be happy was to make a little ceremony out of something each day, as it was the small, ordinary little pleasures that add up to the greatest happiness in the end. Talking a walk and noticing things along the way can bring a lot of enjoyment. Another example she gave was that she changes her tablecloth (in this case, in the kitchen) often, and definitely with the seasons–a small thing, but it works, and I really look forward to doing this.


Again, thank everyone so much for joining us in spreading the gratitude. Please share your love with everyone this Thanksgiving, and we hope to see you again for our next giveaway.

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