The Grateful Giveaway: Spread the Thanks!

The Grateful Giveaway: Fleur de Indes Tablecloth


With Thanksgiving coming up, we just couldn’t pass at the chance of hosting a fantastic giveaway. This month, you have up to four chances of winning the beautiful Fleur des Indes tablecloth!

As one of our bestselling fall patterns, the Fleur des Indes tablecloth will look absolutely stunning on your Thanksgiving table. Your guests will be marveling over the exquisite details in the pattern, until you casually remark that the entire tablecloth was printed by hand—then they’ll be gaping in awe.

Giveaway Rules

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we thought it’d be nice if everyone entering would spread the thanks; there’s certainly never enough of it going around. So however you enter, from our blog, our Facebook page, or on Twitter, you must thank someone in your comment—whether it’s your favorite relative for being so supportive, the local coffee shop for always making your order to perfection, or the strangers who hold the door open for you with a smile.

If you thank the same person twice (or three times), only one entry will count. It is not mandatory to enter with all four methods (but who wouldn’t want to double or triple their chances?).

Option 1: The Blog

Leave a comment on this post thanking someone.

Option 2: Facebook

  1. Like our Facebook page.
  2. Comment on the giveaway post with a thank-you to someone else.

Option 3: Twitter

  1. Tweet your thanks to someone you haven’t thanked yet.
  2. Include @Couleur_Nature_ and #SpreadTheThanks somewhere in your tweet.

*Update 10/28/13: Option 4: Hope’s Cafe

The lovely Hope of Hope’s Cafe has posted a review of our Pumpkin tablecloth, so head on over to her blog and check out the review—then comment on her page with a thank-you to someone!


The Grateful Giveaway ends November 14 at 11:59PM PST, so you have three weeks and up to four chances to win. On November 15, we’ll choose a random entrant and announce the lucky winner (along with our favorite entries) on our blog, Facebook, and Twitter. Don’t forget to check back to see if you won!

Good luck to everyone, and start spreading the thanks!

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  1. Susan Versluis says:

    Love the tablecloth. I thank my parents for our new table which they paid for us as thanks to me for helping my brother with his problems. Still looking for that special tablecloth!

  2. Kathy Haidet says:

    I am grateful for my mom setting the example of having family dinners at the table every night.

  3. Debbie Rardin says:

    I am thankful for me Goldens.

  4. I’m thankful to my family– to their endless support and unconditional love

  5. I came from Hope’s Cafe

  6. Sherry Lykins says:

    So pretty! I am so thankful for my sister. I have been having a really hard time and she is letting me and my three daughters stay with her and help me out until I get a job and on my feet!

  7. Thank you to my friend, Ruth, for caring..

  8. Hope’s Cafe sent me over..

  9. Jill A. Collins says:

    I am thankful for Hope – who’s blog Hope’s Cafe led me here!

  10. I am thankful for my parents who set an example for us with their dedication to each other through bad times as well as good, especially now after fifty plus years of marriage.

  11. Extra entry for coming from Hopes Cafe, one of my favorite blogs ever

  12. i thank my daughter fro showing me a gentler way of looking at the world.

  13. I thank my friend Mary, who will be having her 70th birthday soon, for commenting one day that the best way to be happy was to make a little ceremony out of something each day, as it was the small, ordinary little pleasures that add up to the greatest happiness in the end. Talking a walk and noticing things along the way can bring a lot of enjoyment. Another example she gave was that she changes her tablecloth (in this case, in the kitchen) often, and definitely with the seasons–a small thing, but it works, and I really look forward to doing this. The pumpkin tablecloth is my personal favorite, and I never get tired of looking at the colors and pattern. My husband loves it too.

  14. In All Things….Give Thanks….
    I am most thankful for my husband and family, who loves me so unconditionally.
    Our Greatest Blessings Gather Here…At this beautiful table.

  15. Thanks to my mom for teaching me to always try to see the positive side of things and to my friend Dee who first introduced me to Couleur Nature!

  16. I thank my mother for the grace she continually shows me.

  17. Robin Currie says:

    I am thankful for my family!

  18. Thankful for a roof over my head, food on the table and a healthy family! Love you all xo

  19. Lynn Dougherty says:

    Thank you to Gus the Cat who came home last night after being missing for a day in coyote/owl/bobcat country. So glad you are back!

  20. Nancy Muzyka says:

    I am thankful for my boys who have taught me to find joy in every day – to take the time to smell the rain, hear the birds, marvel at a snowflake…I am so, so lucky and so very grateful:)

  21. I am thankful for my wonderful husband who has stuck with me through thick and thin.

  22. Eric Risner says:

    I am so thankful for my beautiful and healthy family.

  23. I am so thankful that God kept me long enough to see my grand kids and see how wonderful my daughter is as a mom!

  24. Eric Risner says:

    I am thankful for my job and a great boss.

  25. I am thankful for my wonderful husband Steve and our dog Harry.

  26. I’m thankful for my husband Steve and our dog Harry!

  27. I am thankful for 6 years in remission from cancer!

  28. I am so thankful to have a warm and loving family.

  29. Aubrie Glanville says:

    I’m thankful for my wonderful Mom. She is very supportive and loving, and is the glue that keeps our family together.

  30. I’m thankful for my children and their children, & your beautiful new madras plaid!

  31. Thankful I found your web site! Such beautiful things you have. I’m hoping to have some of your lovely items on my dining room table for Thanksgiving and Christmas. We have a large family and I love to make them feel special by providing a warm, comfortable and inviting home for them all to come to.

  32. Thankful I found your web site! Can’t wait to make my home feel comfy cozie for my large family this Thanksgiving and Christmas. Love to make them feel welcomed and special and I see lots of your items that
    would to that.

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