Holiday Tabletop Extravaganza: The Big Picture

Couleur Nature Holiday Tabletop Extravaganza Part 1


Welcome to Couleur Nature’s Holiday Tabletop Extravaganza, where we bring you all the best ideas for holiday entertaining! Because there are just so many ideas out there, the Extravaganza is split into 2 parts: The Big Picture and All the Little (and Not-So-Little) Details!

The first part, The Big Picture, will focus more on big, general themes for your celebration, and in Part II we’ll explore all the details you can use to make this year’s holiday a celebration to remember!

So without further ado, I give you:

The Big Picture

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Farmer’s Market Centerpieces

Finally!  It’s that time of year when your local farmer’s market has an overabundance of lush produce in every color of the rainbow.

We got to thinking about vegetables, their wide variety of textures, their varied hues (ever notice how many reds, purples and yellows tomatoes come in?), their interesting shapes. . .

And then we got to thinking, as we always do, about tabletops and entertaining ideas.

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