Provence – 40 Years Later

Nicholas Delbanco recently wrote a piece for the New York Times about revisiting Provence with his wife, 40 years after his honeymoon there.  We enjoyed it so much we had to share it with you here. . .

He began the article with “The difference, for the traveler, between a first and repeated visit is crucial. To “go back” is not “to go.” Yet old, familiar places retain a kind of magic, and all the more so when the memories are shared. For our 40th wedding anniversary year, my wife, Elena, and I returned to the place where our marriage began: the South of France. We planned to visit old haunts, the area we’d once called home.”

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Monday Monday

“Monday, Monday. . . so good to me.”  At least that’s what the Mama and the Papas sang in the 60’s.  It’s our wish for you, that this Monday will be good to you.  Check out these images of lavender fields in Provence, France and consider planting your own lavender field (or bed. . .) to soothe future Mondays.

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French Country Design – A Primer

If you’re new to French Country Design, but love the look, we’ve got a few simple tips to get you started. The first step is to think of Provence and the French countryside, places where you’re sure to see bright sunshine and lavender fields. Think rustic farmhouses, old-world and welcoming. Think contrasting textures – flooring of stone, clay or brick, pale plaster walls, ceilings punctuated with dark rough wood beams. Think warm and casual.

And think color. The colors used for French Country decorating come from the entire color wheel and are based on the gardens of Provence. Sunny yellow, soft gold, cobalt blue and soft ocean tones, fiery red and burnt rust, bright grass green and dark hunter green – each has a place in this very versatile decorating style. Colorful Provencal printed fabrics are best set off against light-toned natural walls and floors and rustic furnishings.

The look fits well into any home, whether you’re thinking country home or city apartment. The French Country style of decorating, with its relaxed but inviting feel fits beautifully into any decorating scheme.

Start by admiring the look in these photos we’ve borrowed from House Beautiful. Feel inspired? We’ll have more specific ideas right here in the future. And we’d love to hear how you’ve integrated the French Country Look into your own home.

History of Couleur Nature

While traveling through Rajasthan, India, Paris based designer Bruno Lamy was introduced to the age-old technique of hand-block printing, an art form passed down from generation to generation. Impressed and inspired by the unique beauty of hand-made textiles using this technique, Mr. Lamy returned to Paris and began creating a visually enticing array of Provencal-inspired linens that has become known as Couleur Nature. Sold throughout Europe and North American, Couleur Nature has quickly become a household must for the sophisticated consumer.

Couleur Nature table linens are offered in a vibrant assortment of designs and sizes that suit a wide-range of personal styles and occasions. The versatility of our designs allows the linens to be used on formal or casual table settings year-round and are suitable for everyday use.

Mr. Lamy has been designing textiles for over two decades and is continually inspired by the response of the U.S. consumer. As a result of the high demand and admiration for these linens, two new prints are introduced each season in various colour ways and are interchangeable with previously introduced patterns.

“I am thrilled to share my discovery of this rich tradition with all of Europe and North America and hope you will enjoy the beauty and quality that is “Couleur Nature”. -Bruno Lamy