The Story of Lemonade: Slightly Sweet, Slightly Sour

Lemon Tree

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Why are we talking about lemons? Because it’s summertime, folks! A time for enjoying backyard barbecues accompanied by the sweet, succulent taste of homemade lemonade, perfectly paired with our vibrant  Lemon Tree Linen Collection.


Couleur Nature Lemon Tree Linen Collection


With it’s incredibly simple nature, you’d think that lemonade would be a pretty universal drink. Not so! Here in North America, as we know so well, lemonade is often a homemade drink made with lemons, water, and a little (or a lot) of sugar. There’s also pink lemonade, but we’ll talk about that later. However, in the UK, and a few other English speaking countries, lemonade commonly refers to a commercially produced, lemon flavored, carbonated, sweetened soft drink. In other words, its like our 7-Up and Sierra Mist. In India, lemonade may also contain salt, ginger juice, or other herbs and spices like saffron, garlic, and cumin. And then there’s hard lemonade, for those of you who like a little lemonade in their alcohol.

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