Symbolism in Table Linens

Did you know that, in addition to their beautiful looks, the designs of some of our table linens also feature symbolism? A symbol is an object that represents an entity, action, belief, or idea.


Couleur Nature Poppies Table Runner


For instance, there’s our Poppies collection of table linens. Poppies are most commonly known as symbols of sleep and peace. Throughout history, doctors have long been using the poppy flower and its extracts as painkillers.


Red Poppies

Via HDWallSize


We know now that this property is due to the poppy seed containing morphine, a substance used today as a sedative and as anesthetic.The poppy flower is responsible for making the lives of doctors and nurses easier, and for saving the lives of many people.

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Color in Nature and Design

As our name implies, we here at Couleur Nature often turn to the rustic beauty of nature when coming up with beautiful new designs for you.

Couleur Nature Sunflower Blue French Tablecloth


Take this beautiful Sunflower Tablecloth, from our French Linen collection, for example. There’s just something about the interplay and romance between the blue and the gold that makes the combination of the two a lovely sight to behold. Perhaps this stems from our idyllic view of sunflowers. When we think of them, we usually see a vast field of sunflowers, set against a bright blue sky, an image that conjures up feelingsof nostalgia, perhaps even wonderful memories of the time you spent in Provence in southern France.


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The Marvelous Mother’s Day Giveaway

The Marvelous Mother's Day Giveaway: April 18-24


Hello everyone! Couleur Nature is back again with another giveaway, this time celebrating the lovely mothers in our lives.

As a tribute to all the love, care, and advice mothers have given, we’re giving away a pair of Petit Fleur tablecloths, one for you and the lovely mother you’ll be telling us about!


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How Alphonse Mucha Floored the Parisian Art Scene–Overnight!

Via Wikipedia

Via Wikipedia

The Legend of Mucha

The year was 1894, around Christmas in Paris.

Alphonse Mucha was toiling away in Lemercier’s printing workshop, correcting proofs as a favor for a friend. The internationally famed actress Sarah Bernhardt phoned the manager demanding a new poster for her stage production by New Year’s Eve. All the regular Lemercier artists were away for the holidays, so the manager turned to Mucha in desperation. Despite having no experience with designing posters, Mucha eagerly accepted the task.


When the manager returned on December 30 to see Mucha’s finished work, he was absolutely horrified.

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French-Inspired Conservatory

Southern Living recently featured this gorgeous French-design backyard conservatory created with salvaged windows – we couldn’t resist the temptation to post it here.  The owner, Jeri Farmer, wanted a glass garden house and was inspired by the glass Pyramid at the Louvre museum in Paris.

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2011 Color Trends – Feeling Blue?

Your Home, Only Better did a post on Color Trends for 2011, discussing the ways we’ll all decorate this year.  According to Benjamin Moore’s Colorpulse, four trends that influence this year’s overall theme of “Balance” were discussed – Farm, Order, Escape, and Tribe.

Our favorite theme today, just because it’s a Tuesday and we’d really like to be escaping to the beach instead of working, is. . .of course, Escape.

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Monday Monday

“Monday, Monday. . . so good to me.”  At least that’s what the Mama and the Papas sang in the 60’s.  It’s our wish for you, that this Monday will be good to you.  Check out these images of lavender fields in Provence, France and consider planting your own lavender field (or bed. . .) to soothe future Mondays.

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Couleur Nature – Take It Out!

Out of the house that is.  We’re so in love with the idea of summer that we can hardly bear the thought of eating a meal in the dining room.

So we’ve gathered a stack of gorgeous images of very casual outdoor dining ideas – how about a picnic table with benches?  A French bistro set that easily folds up for storage?  Dress them up with French linens or cloth napkins and you have a perfect recipe for outdoor elegance.

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