All About Napkin Rings

Couleur Nature Napkin Rings


Today, we’re going to learn about napkin rings, where they came from, and why people use them. Why napkin rings, you ask? Well, because I myself was curious about them. Who decided that napkins needed to accessorize? After doing a little research, I’ve decided to share my findings with you.

Napkin rings––occasionally called a serviette ring––are an invention of the European bourgeoisie, the wealthy middle-upper class. They first appeared in France in about 1800, and quickly caught on amongst the bourgeoisie. That’s right; the French invented this beautiful addition to the table settings, good news for all you Francophiles out there.

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Summertime Is Here Again!

Moonstone Beach Boardwalk

Via Hike Speak


Memorial Day has come and gone, marking the unofficial start of summer. Spring is a wonderful season, but I believe we’re all ready for what summer brings with it: warm skies and balmy breezes that contribute to the ultimate hedonistic lifestyle, reminding us of the wonderful atmosphere along the Mediterranean Coast, in beautiful cities like Marseille and Nice. It’s also a good time to refresh your home decorations with a summer-inspired palette.

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Uses and Occasions for Table Linens

Couleur Nature French Table Linens

Today we’re sharing a few of the many different ways you can use our table linens, from everyday dining to special occasions and picnic trips.

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Tutorial: “Vintage Opulence” Pomegranate Centerpiece & Auction

Today’s post is a very special one, the first of its kind…

We’re giving you a detailed, step-by-step tutorial on how to make our pomegranate centerpiece for autumn!

Plus, you’ll have a chance to bid on the original creation! All proceeds from the auction will go to Susan G. Komen For the Cure.

Autumn Thanksgiving Pomegranate Centerpiece

I call it “Vintage Opulence“, because the colors are a bit toned down, but it still has an air of splendor.

When I first imagined it, it was much like Couleur Nature’s Pomegranate Collection, full of vibrant golds and rich burgundies.

Pomegranate Collection French Linen Dining Tablecloth

But as I walked up and down the aisles of the craft store, and as the bundle of stems in my arms kept getting bigger and bigger, I realized my imagination was taking me on a different route. I still wanted to keep the overall essence of the collection, but the finished result has a much more definite autumn feeling, don’t you think?

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Spooky Speculations: Ideas for Elegant Halloween Tablesettings

Here at Couleur Nature, we’re not known for being frightful.

At least, I hope not.

But Halloween is coming soon, and I got to thinking about how we could be a part of this frightfully fun holiday. So I’ve come up with a few ideas for decorating your table for an elegantly spooky Halloween.

Now I know what you’re thinking–“That’s not Halloween at all!” But I’m going to need a little help from your imagination here.

Keep the sheer white napkin sheaths but use Paris Grey Hemstitch napkins on the inside, and it gives the idea of a ghostly mist swirling around a tombstone. Use a jeweled spider for a napkin ring, or for a slightly more macabre look, try these skull napkin rings from Etsy.


Via Etsy

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Bless You, Burlap!

Burlap Table Runner in Natural


Let’s all take a moment to be forgiving and pardon burlap for its itchiness. After all, it makes up for it in so many other ways: the neutral hue works with so many other colors, it’s inexpensive, and get this—it’s biodegradable! So you can dress up your home while doing the earth a favor.

The Key to Burlap’s Success

There’s a whole debate as to whether the appeal of burlap is its faux humility, but as a designer, burlap appeals to me because of its extraordinary versatility.

The key is its neutral, earthy color and unique texture. Its quiet, subdued hue can be combined with any other color to create a pleasing color combination, but the interesting texture lets it hold on its own.

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Farmer’s Market Centerpieces

Finally!  It’s that time of year when your local farmer’s market has an overabundance of lush produce in every color of the rainbow.

We got to thinking about vegetables, their wide variety of textures, their varied hues (ever notice how many reds, purples and yellows tomatoes come in?), their interesting shapes. . .

And then we got to thinking, as we always do, about tabletops and entertaining ideas.

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Casual Brunch – a Couleur Nature favorite for the weekend!

Who doesn’t love the idea of brunch, especially a casual brunch where the hostess gets to relax and enjoy as much as the guests?  By nature, a brunch setting should be simple and bright, with very slight hints of formality.

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