Waiting for Spring Double Giveaway–Winners Announced!

Waiting for Spring Giveaway


If you’re just about tired of mucking about in the snow and chill, have hope––Spring is less than a month away! And what better way to celebrate than with a giveaway?

There’s been so much excitement over the new Couleur Nature linen collections, we decided it just might make someone’s day to win a piece. But why make one person’s day when you can make two? (What does it even mean to make a day, anyhow?)

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Couleur Nature Lookbook: Holiday 2013

Featuring a few of our favorite holiday patterns, here’s our table linen lookbook for this year’s holiday season.


Gooseberry Table Linen with Hemstitch Napkins and Cafe Glasses

Items Featured:

Hemstitch Rouge Napkins

Hemstitch Kiwi Napkins

Café Glasses in Green

Gooseberry Tablecloth

 Gooseberry Tablecloth

Walnut Bark Bar Tools Set and Cafe Glasses

 Café Glasses in Amber

Walnut Bark Bar Tools Set

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The Grateful Giveaway: Winner and Favorites

The Grateful Giveaway: Winner and Favorites


Welcome back, everyone! Are you all excited for Thanksgiving? We’re excited to announce the winner of our last giveaway, who’ll be receiving  the beautiful Fleur des Indes tablecloth we featured in  the post. But first, we’d like to share some of our favorite entries.

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The Grateful Giveaway: Spread the Thanks!

The Grateful Giveaway: Fleur de Indes Tablecloth


With Thanksgiving coming up, we just couldn’t pass at the chance of hosting a fantastic giveaway. This month, you have up to four chances of winning the beautiful Fleur des Indes tablecloth!

As one of our bestselling fall patterns, the Fleur des Indes tablecloth will look absolutely stunning on your Thanksgiving table. Your guests will be marveling over the exquisite details in the pattern, until you casually remark that the entire tablecloth was printed by hand—then they’ll be gaping in awe.

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The Story of Lemonade: Slightly Sweet, Slightly Sour

Lemon Tree

Via AGypsyChef


Why are we talking about lemons? Because it’s summertime, folks! A time for enjoying backyard barbecues accompanied by the sweet, succulent taste of homemade lemonade, perfectly paired with our vibrant  Lemon Tree Linen Collection.


Couleur Nature Lemon Tree Linen Collection


With it’s incredibly simple nature, you’d think that lemonade would be a pretty universal drink. Not so! Here in North America, as we know so well, lemonade is often a homemade drink made with lemons, water, and a little (or a lot) of sugar. There’s also pink lemonade, but we’ll talk about that later. However, in the UK, and a few other English speaking countries, lemonade commonly refers to a commercially produced, lemon flavored, carbonated, sweetened soft drink. In other words, its like our 7-Up and Sierra Mist. In India, lemonade may also contain salt, ginger juice, or other herbs and spices like saffron, garlic, and cumin. And then there’s hard lemonade, for those of you who like a little lemonade in their alcohol.

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All About Napkin Rings

Couleur Nature Napkin Rings


Today, we’re going to learn about napkin rings, where they came from, and why people use them. Why napkin rings, you ask? Well, because I myself was curious about them. Who decided that napkins needed to accessorize? After doing a little research, I’ve decided to share my findings with you.

Napkin rings––occasionally called a serviette ring––are an invention of the European bourgeoisie, the wealthy middle-upper class. They first appeared in France in about 1800, and quickly caught on amongst the bourgeoisie. That’s right; the French invented this beautiful addition to the table settings, good news for all you Francophiles out there.

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The 4th of July: Barbecues, Fireworks, and Freedom

American Eagle

Via AmericanLiveWire


Independence Day, or as most of us call it, the Fourth of July, is next Thursday, folks. As you know, the holiday was created in celebration of the signing and adoption of the Declaration of Independence, declaring America’s freedom from Great Britain. We Americans celebrate this day every year with patriotic displays of fireworks, parades, barbecues, picnics, baseball games, family reunions, and the occasional quiet introspection about the sacrifices our ancestors made and the greatness they achieved.


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Symbolism in Table Linens

Did you know that, in addition to their beautiful looks, the designs of some of our table linens also feature symbolism? A symbol is an object that represents an entity, action, belief, or idea.


Couleur Nature Poppies Table Runner


For instance, there’s our Poppies collection of table linens. Poppies are most commonly known as symbols of sleep and peace. Throughout history, doctors have long been using the poppy flower and its extracts as painkillers.


Red Poppies

Via HDWallSize


We know now that this property is due to the poppy seed containing morphine, a substance used today as a sedative and as anesthetic.The poppy flower is responsible for making the lives of doctors and nurses easier, and for saving the lives of many people.

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Simplicity to Extravagance: Table Linens

There’s a table linen out there for everyone. We mean it. Whether your taste leans toward the simple, yet elegant, or you like being gloriously extravagant, a unique snowflake, or anywhere in between, there’s a table linen that will seem as though it was made just for you.


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What is Linen?

Couleur Nature Khadhi Laundered Linen


As you know, Couleur Nature offers a wide range of linens. And while we all appreciate fine linens for its craftsmanship and texture, most people don’t know what linens are. I didn’t; I was always content to describe it to myself as “fancy cloth.” But with the release of our new Khadhi Laundered Linens, I’m going to change that.

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