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Trade show season is finally over! I’m happy to finally be able to show you what went on in our booth at the New York International Gift Fair (those of you who follow our Facebook were able to get a few peeks!).

I know many of you weren’t able to make it to the show, so I’ve collected all the best pictures from New York, and a few from Atlanta, to finally satisfy your curiosity––or perhaps pique it some more! I’d love to hear what you think of the new items, so don’t forget to leave a comment at the end of this post!

The New Year is a perfect time to start something new, and Couleur Nature has done just that. We’ve debuted so many products from our Caravan line that we don’t even have pictures of them all yet! But I promise you’ll get to see all of them in time as well!

Without further ado, here’s the latest from Couleur Nature and Caravan:


Caravan has come out with two new lines of glassware, Café and Color Pop.

New Glassware from Caravan: Color Pop

New Glassware from Caravan: Color Pop


Okay, I admit, the photo of Color Pop was taken in-studio and not at the actual show…but don’t they look great?


New Glassware from Caravan: Café

New Glassware from Caravan: Café


Those Café glasses would be perfect as little dessert cups of chocolate mousse! But for an outdoor summer party by the pool, Color Pop is definitely my pick (sadly, winter is still in full swing!). Which color goes with your decor?

Honestly, the glassware is my personal favorite of the new items––but don’t let that bias you! There were so many more fantastic items that we had to show!

Cast Iron Bottle Openers

Cast Iron Bottle Openers from Caravan


Each bottle opener is forged by hand, so they’re all a little different, but all equally charming!  I’m thinking the fish would be great for all those fishing enthusiasts out there. Which one do you have your eye on?


Cheese Serving Set and Salad Servers from Caravan


For all your cheese gourmand friends (perhaps that includes you!), our new cheese serving set would make a great gift! Mounted on polished, authentic bamboo handles, these cheese serving sets and salad servers would definitely spice up a party with their antique, ethnic feel.

Laundered Linen

Did you know Khadhi is one of our most popular items? We recently introduced its…cousin, shall we say.

Khadhi Vintage Linens and Laundered Linens

Definitely distant cousins, at the very least.


Laundered Linen made its debut in Atlanta, and was immensely popular. With its subdued vintage hues, modest design and classic linen texture, I can see why. I wonder if it’ll surpass Khadhi?


Laundered Linen by Caravan

Couleur Nature Women’s Resort Wear

Truth be told, sometimes I’ve gazed at Couleur Nature’s table linen collections and wondered if any of them could be turned into clothes. Maybe that sounds odd to a few of you, but that’s exactly what Bruno Lamy’s daughter did––and the results look beautiful!

Couleur Nature Women's Resort Wear

Left: St Barth’s Kurta in Cherry. Right: Sleeveless Capri Top in Tulip.


In the spring, Couleur Nature will be coming out with a line of women’s resort wear, designed by Kelly Lamy, available in three styles: St. Barth’s Kurta, Sleeveless Capri Top, and Calypso Tunic.


Couleur Nature Women's Resort Wear

Calypso Tunic in Exotic Flower


My favorite style is the Calypso Tunic, although I still haven’t decided on exactly what print to get…They’d make fantastic Mother’s Day gifts, wouldn’t they?

Vintage Stone-Washed Market Bags

Vintage Stone-Washed Market Bags from Caravan


Talk about pretty and practical! These market bags are fairly deep and roomy, great for a stroll to the grocery store. Although, I think they’d also work great as tote bags for the beach!

Caravan Naturals

This spring, Caravan is debuting three more Natural Collections: Tile, Stripe, and Key.

Natural Tile paired with our Questa Ceramics

Natural Tile paired with our Questa Ceramics

Natural Stripe paired with Questa Ceramics and Color Pop Glasses

Natural Stripe paired with Questa Ceramics and Color Pop Glasses


They have quite a different vibe from the previous Naturals, don’t they? Which one do you prefer?


Time for a fun little poll! Which do you like most, Pansy Combo or Bleuet Combo? Both look beautiful with the new Laundered Linens and Color Pop collection.

Pansy Combination: Featuring Pansy Linens, Laundered Linen, and Color Pop

Pansy Combination: Featuring Pansy Linens, Laundered Linen, and Color Pop

Bleuet Combination: Featuring Bleuet Linens, Laundered Linen, Hemstitch and Color Pop.

Bleuet Combination: Featuring Bleuet Linens, Laundered Linen, Hemstitch and Color Pop.


It’s almost time to wrap up this post! Haven’t seen enough of the new spring collections? Follow us on Facebook for the latest news on everything Couleur Nature and Caravan!


As always, thank you so much for coming. I hope you found something that tickles your fancy. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! Remember, we always love to hear from you, so leave a comment with your favorite new collection!



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