Mellow Monday: Winter Wonderland in France

Welcome to Mellow Monday, a picture post with beautiful photos from around the web!

Sit back and relax as we present this week’s theme:

Winter Wonderland in France


Chateau de Pierrefonds, France

Via Pinterest


Château de Pierrefonds


There are so many beautiful castles in Europe. The Chateau de Pierrefonds looks so enchanting in the snow though. It’s like something straight out of a fairytale!


Mont Blanc Range and Chamonix Valley

Via Pinterest


The Mont Blanc Range and Chamonix Valley


I think snow is absolutely, stunningly beautiful.

Then again, I’ve never been trapped in a blizzard.

Maybe it also has to do with the fact that I live in sunny SoCal and there’s never a speck of snow in sight. Alas!


Eiffel Tower in Winter, Paris

Via Pinterest


Eiffel Tower, Paris


I would love, love, love to have a White Christmas. I wonder if Disneyland Paris is lucky enough to enjoy this every year.


Disneyland Paris in the Snow

Via Pinterest


Disneyland Paris

I love the colors in this photo. China blue and cream look so good together.


Grenoble, Rhones-Alpes, France

Via Pinterest


Grenoble, Rhones-Alpes

Old French houses are so beautiful in the snow. But I guess anything old and traditional-looking probably looks good in snow.


France - Normandie - Hermanville-sur-Mer



Hermanville sur Mer, Normandy

Look at that fog in the background! Makes for such a gorgeous photo.


Bridge in the Snow, Chamonix




Check out our Pinterest board, Winters in France, for plenty more beautiful photos!



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  1. gorgeous! makes me want to go to France even more.=)

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