Holiday Tabletop Extravaganza: The Big Picture

Couleur Nature Holiday Tabletop Extravaganza Part 1


Welcome to Couleur Nature’s Holiday Tabletop Extravaganza, where we bring you all the best ideas for holiday entertaining! Because there are just so many ideas out there, the Extravaganza is split into 2 parts: The Big Picture and All the Little (and Not-So-Little) Details!

The first part, The Big Picture, will focus more on big, general themes for your celebration, and in Part II we’ll explore all the details you can use to make this year’s holiday a celebration to remember!

So without further ado, I give you:

The Big Picture

Let’s start out with general color schemes. Because red and green are such traditional colors for the holidays (and also because you can find dozens of examples of traditional red and green themes on our Pinterest), we’re going to look at other color schemes for the holidays.

Holiday Hues


Shake up the traditional red and green scheme with lime green and even magenta!


Forest Green and Magenta Holiday Table

Via Pinterest


A frosty silver and blue theme is also an enchanting sight.


Sparkly Silver Blue Holiday Setting

Via Pinterest


Add black for a chilly chic look!


Black, Blue, and Silver Holiday Table

Via Pinterest


For an unapologetically glamorous (and elegant!) holiday dinner, white and gold is the best way to go.


White and Gold Holiday Table Setting

Via Pinterest


I could just go on with the rainbow, but I think you get the idea. Whatever color you want to dress your holiday dinner in, chances are it’ll work. That is, if you have holiday-themed decorations to go along. Ornaments, pine cones, reindeer figures, mistletoe–whatever comes to mind.


But now it’s time to move away from colors and think of themes! Rustic, vintage, retro, plaid, gingerbread–and that’s just to name a few.

Rustic Ramble (or A Wonderfully Woodland Winter)

Woodland Holiday Animal Table

Via Pinterest


When you think of the woodlands, you think of rustic. So naturally, the two go together. There are so many details that work so well together in this setting by Martha Stewart. The wooden placemats, the wooden handles on the flatware, the wooden candle holders–and I love how the simple, rolled brown napkins complement the rustic scene.

If that’s a little too woodsy for you, you can tone it down with burlap placemats and Khadhi linen napkins. The hand-woven texture of the linens is the perfect complement to any rustic table setting.


Red Stripe Khadhi Hand Woven Linen NapkinBlack Stripe Khadhi Hand Woven Linen Napkin


But keep the little woodland animals!

…Well, okay, you don’t have to, but that little fox would look adorable on the table!


Bottle Brush Woodland Animals

Via Pinterest


Am I right? Right. If you like the little critters as much as I do, you can get them here. But here are some other rustic settings without animals, just to show that you can do without.


Natural Rustic Holiday Tablescape

Via Pinterest


Didn’t I tell you burlap would look great?


Natural Rustic Holiday Tablescape

Via Pinterest


Gingerbread Gathering

Okay, this idea is more for the children, but a gingerbread party would be so much fun for them to do and us to watch! (Cleaning up though? Not so much!)


Gingerbread House Party

Via Pinterest

For help on planning your own gingerbread party, check out HOUSEography.

Now, I didn’t say gingerbread was exclusively for the children, because it’s really not!

Voila! I give you a gingerbread street centerpiece!


Gingerbread House Street Centerpiece

Via Pinterest


Gingerbread houses without all the colorful candies are perfectly neutral decorations, because they’re mainly brown and white. If a totally glamorous holiday dinner isn’t your style, but you still want to wow the guests, try a gingerbread street instead! I guarantee it’ll be one of the last centerpieces they would expect!

See Snippet and Ink for their tutorial on how to make this enchanting holiday centerpiece.

Peacock Party

It seems like there’s just about peacock-everything these days–it’s even caught on to the holidays! I think it’s a wonderful chance to make these frosty festivities a little more fabulous!

You can go all-out glamorous chic with bright peacock colors…


Peacock Themed Holiday Party

Via Pinterest


…or tone it down by using gold as the base color.


 Hanukkah Highlights

I just wanted to feature two of my favorite Hanukkah table settings.

This menorah branch is absolutely amazing and fits in so well with the winter season!


Silver and Blue Hanukkah Table Setting


I love how the trim on the plates isn’t quite blue, but it matches perfectly with the present because of the gold base and the intricate detail. Now that’s coordination!


Elegant Hanukkah Table Setting

Via Pinterest


Coastal Celebration

Okay, I admit, I saved my favorite for last.

I think seaside holiday themes are so much fun because it’s a totally unconventional twist on the holidays.

What I mean is, usually when you think of the holidays, you think of snow and warm fireplaces and so on. What better way to spice up all that traditional jazz than a beach theme?

Plus, this idea is so flexible that it could work for a casual celebration or a more refined, elegant occasion.

Textures like burlap and wood are so perfect for a beach theme because they evoke memories of fishing nets and sails and driftwood–basically everything you can find on the beach. And because they’re neutrals, they can be easily paired with a holiday theme.


Visit our Pinterest board Home for the Holidays to find even more examples of each idea here, plus a few more ideas I haven’t mentioned!

Not enough inspiration yet? Head on over to Part II of the Holiday Tabletop Extravaganza, All the Little (and Not-So-Little) Details! There’s a lot of surprises in store.


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