Color in Nature and Design

As our name implies, we here at Couleur Nature often turn to the rustic beauty of nature when coming up with beautiful new designs for you.

Couleur Nature Sunflower Blue French Tablecloth


Take this beautiful Sunflower Tablecloth, from our French Linen collection, for example. There’s just something about the interplay and romance between the blue and the gold that makes the combination of the two a lovely sight to behold. Perhaps this stems from our idyllic view of sunflowers. When we think of them, we usually see a vast field of sunflowers, set against a bright blue sky, an image that conjures up feelingsof nostalgia, perhaps even wonderful memories of the time you spent in Provence in southern France.


Couleur Nature Candy Flower Tablecloth

Red Roses

Via Morena Laura


However, if you desire more passion in your life, then red is the color for you. And if there’s one thing the French are notorious for, it’s their legendary passion. If you’d like to add a little French spice to your life, may I recommend our lovely Candy Flower Tablecloth? These French linens are perfect for couples and people who want to add positive energy to their romance and their life. Turn the lights down, place some candles, play a little soft music, and imagine that you’re enjoying dinner with that special someone at a cafe in vibrant nighttime Paris.


Couleur Nature Jardine French Tablecloth

Provencal Garden

Via Bestourism


The French countryside is a beautiful place. For many of us, it means seeing vast fields of vibrant green unspoiled by the touch of civilization, set against clear blue skies while we feel the wind blowing gently in our face. For many of the French, it provides life. For anyone who has ever eaten a delicious meal in France with the ingredients and fruit grown right there in the countryside, it is a place of both absolute beauty and culinary delight. Bring home those feelings you felt with this exquisite Jardine Tablecloth. This French table linen features a gorgeous green backdrop rich in vibrant red and purple flowers. Take it out with you on a picnic, and it would be like eating right there in the Loire Valley, amidst the lush, loosely-tended gardens of Southern France.

What kind of feelings and memories do certain colors evoke in you? Let us know in the comments below!



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