All About Solids

While decorating a table or adding accessories to your kitchen, it’s easy to gravitate towards bold, eye-catching prints.  This season, however, we are seeing a trend of elegant simplicity, with the idea that less is more.  We love supplementing a gorgeous print with minimal, solid color accents.  The contrast not only provides balance to the room, but also allows you to get creative.  Solids are great for mixing and matching, and really give you the freedom to create a look that is unique and timeless.  Here are a few of our favorite solid color collections.


The Khadhi Laundered Linen Collection
The Laundered Linen Collection has an old-time aesthetic that is very nostalgic.  Inspired by the comfort of traditional European homes, the Khadhi Collection is  simple with a touch of vintage.  Colors like navy, salmon and orange all serve as great compliments to intricate designs. The collection’s bold stripe also provides for a little bit of contrast.

Khadhi Laundered Linen Napkin, $77.50.

The Dhoti Collection
The Dhoti Collection perfectly embodies elegant simplicity.  The soft white is perfectly paired with a thin, delicate strip of color.  Colored stitching along the side of the fabric also makes for a truly timeless accessory for any dining room.   

Dhoti Napkins, $35.

The PinStripe Collection
The PinStripe Collection is a summertime staple.  Bright colors such as turquoise, coral and pink create the perfect summer palette for entertaining outside on a deck or patio.  Three small pin stripes along the edge of the fabric complete the look.

PinStripe Napkins, $50.

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